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Dr.Rashed & Dr.Anam

Myself Dr. Rashed I was looking for a Doctor bride for marriage and later I saw the ad of nayabrishte in the newspaper and found it to be interesting ... Read More

Mudassir & Rahila

We are still happy that our parents made our profile with nayabrishte.com and so found my soulmate for us, We are so happy in our life and yet our fam... Read More

Irfan Ahmed & Rubina

Irfan Ahmed an Engg and a successful businessman. My parents were concerned about my marriage & we were recommended the nayabrishte.com website by our relatives and friends too so I created my profile and showed it to my parents we found best of both worlds as my parents selected Rubina via nayabrishte.com... Read More

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10 YearsExperience

10 YearsExperience

NAYAB RISHTE is a matchmaking service created for parents who are looking for a perfect life partner for their children....

Real Weddings

Real Weddings

Marriage in Islam is just very simplistic and it is the society and the culture which has made it into something really ...

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