What if I forgot my ID and Password, how to login?

Don’t worry we have forgot password option for which the individual need to provide the verified email id same as that provided at the time of registration and password recovery link will be sent to you.

Would i be able to enroll my Matrimonial Profile Free on Nayabrishte.com?

Indeed, registering your Matrimonial Profile is Free on Nayabrishte.com. Doing along these lines, you will end up being a Free Member which will empower you to get reactions from different individuals, and furthermore, you can communicate Interest in reasonable individuals.

Would i be able to enlist a Matrimonial Profile for my Daughter/Parent/Relative/Sibling/Friend?

Yes, you can register the Matrimonial Profile, in case of any other individual apart from self, but the credentials need to be verified and with consent.

How to create login as a registered user?

Clicking the right top corner will enable you to register as a new member with your verified email id and password.

How do I change my password?

For changing the password the above will be sufficient and for changing it you need to login with proper email id and password and then need to select the proper option from the dashboard to change the password.

What if I am unable to login, what is the possible scenario?

In case you are unable to login then the keyboard caps lock may be on, the password will be incorrect or Email-id is incorrect.

How do I add my photograph to my Matrimonial profile?

After login go to the dashboard and add your picture via a right top click on Edit cover photo. Note:-Photo must be in .JPG, .GIF or .PNG format, not larger than 3MB.) The optimal size for the cover photo is 1,110 x 370 pixels.

Are my photos secured?

Yes your photos are secured as there is nayabrishte.com watermark on the individual profile photo. And it will be uploaded once verified by the admin of nayabrishte.com

How do I contact a Member?

Contacting a member you need to be a premium user and a registered member. For which there is payment option along with package details.

Do I need to pay anything apart from premium membership package?

Once the user has registered he/she can operate his profile and dashboard completely. Shortlist the profiles and even contact them as per his/her availability.

Finding the profile not suitable yet receiving interest?

For this type of profile you need to report to the admin and also there is a block profile option for showing the disinterest.

Unable to see the profile or cover photo of the interested candidate?

Once you sent interest you can also sent photo request for the profile you are interested in. It will be on the partner or candidate to allow his or her profile picture visibility. For that you need to wait as it is manual and not auto option.

How do I search for other profile apart from recommended?

You need to look for the search option and choose the best option suitable as per your partner preferences and need to submit for showing the search results.

Getting the same search results every time is there an issue?

You need to change your partner preferences like age, marital status, country or city for different results.

How to upgrade the premium membership and will my previous membership be effected?

Yes you can upgrade to premium membership and previous membership package will not be effected unless the given time period and options are exhausted.

Will nayabrishte.com help me communicate with the third party?

Yes, Individual assistance will be provided on demand with our team and a relationship manager be appointed for you to help communicate, the charges of which needs to be paid separately apart from package.

Will Relationship Manager guide us even after marriage?

R.M will be appointed on temp basis and is chargeable till the bride or groom gets its match and further communication happens smoothly. R.M will not be involved in the decisions of marriage and after marriage.

How do I know the registered User is authentic in nature?

We do profile scrutiny in the backend and update the same after the proper satisfaction only.

Is the OTP request along the time of Signup is free or chargeable and do I need to Enter OTP every time?

The OTP is not chargeable and is Free of cost is will be generated once for mobile verification unless otherwise the registered user is out of INDIA.

If I found my perfect match can I delete my account?

We will be happier to write about you with one of our success stories and mention your valuable feedback on our website.

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